Thursday, October 20, 2011

FOUR off-site SALAMANDER/David's Pegasus/Timber! events in NYC:

Join us at these four off-site gigs! They’ll include songs from Salamander Leviathan as well as David’s Pegasus and Timber! originals!

GIG: Goodbye Blue Monday

When: Sunday, Oct 23: 11pm-1am

Where: 1087 Broadway, Bed Stuy

GIG: Sidewalk Café

When: Saturday, Oct 29: Midnight-12:45am

Where: 94 Avenue A, East Village

GIG: Arlene's Grocery

When: Sunday, Oct 30: 9-9:45pm

Where: 95 Stanton Street, LES

Cover: $8


When: Tuesday, Nov 1: 8-11:30pm

Where: 247 Varet Street, Williamsburg

Monday, October 17, 2011


Tickets are on sale now for the ANT FEST performance of SALAMANDER LEVIATHAN @ Ars Nova!


WHEN: HALLOWEEN - Mon, Oct 31st @ 8pm

WHERE: Ars Nova (511 W 54th, NYC)

SALOWEEN TEAM: Ben Beckley, Emily Perkins, Stephen Stout, Dan Morin, Ali Scaramella, Zak Sandler, Stuart Feild, Andrew Fox, Sara Pauley, and Ethan Gould

FREE DRINK: Anyone who comes in full costume will receive a free drink at the bar

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Salamander Leviathan: Ear Invader

Just in time for "Saloween", here's the first video game inspired by the Salamander Leviathan world!

Based on the musical "Salamander Leviathan" by Krista Knight and Barry Brinegar.

The left and right arrows control a dropper full of deadly rose acid. Press the [Z] key to drop some in Sal's ear.  Drop enough doses into your target to proceed to the next stage. Watch out for backsplash, bits of rose acid will burn your murderous hands!

Music by David's Pegasus

Sunday, September 4, 2011

support saloween!

SALAMANDER LEVIATHAN is heading to NYC this Halloween as part of ANT FEST at Ars Nova.

In order to make this happen we are fundraising!

We're raising money to rent rehearsal space, a healthy dose of fake blood, a tiny stipend for our hard working actors and creative team, and a ticket for our composer Barry Brinegar (lead singer of Arkansas-based David's Pegasus) to join us to develop and play the show for this awesome opportunity.

Kickstarter Link:

Contributions start as low as $1 and for $15 it's THE WAY to get the CD.

Thank you! Thank you!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Epilogue 2

The Devil is interrupted while showering.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Epilogue 1

Part of a series of epilogues for those of you who wonder what became of ole Salamander and crew after the curtains fell. When last we met our heroes....

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Opening Night

Director Anthony Luciano and playwright Krista Knight on opening night at the Mandell Weiss Forum Theatre.


Photos by Jim Carmody

Mr. Carmody shot two albums, one during photo call on 4.16.11 and one during "tech" on 4.14.11.

So This Is Wisconsin

Live footage of the 4.16.11 performance by WalkerVision Interarts, featuring the original cast.

Monday, May 2, 2011

San Diego Metropolitan

From the article "What's New is News on Local Stages":

Graduates of the MFA Playwriting program have gone on to have their plays produced and commissioned by major regional theaters across the country as well as Off Broadway. This year’s works are filled with passion, insight, humor and magic.
“What strikes me about the four plays in this year’s festival,” says professor Naomi Iizuka, head of the MFA Playwriting Program and a renowned playwright in her own right, “is how innovative they are. These plays are all grappling with big ideas and doing so in very fresh, original ways.
“In Krista Knight’s ‘Salamander Leviathan,” a meditation on the price of love, a man sells his soul to the devil,” Iizuka continues. “Lauren Yee’s play, “A Man, His Wife and His Hat,” is a wild, delightful fable, featuring a golem, a floating baby and a giant hole in the earth full of memories.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Salamander F's Someone's Life

from FML...

Went to watch Salamander Leviathan, Sat in the very front seat where the actors are only 2 ft away from you. Embarrassedly cried my eyes out as the actor awkwardly seemed to stare at me…T__T

Thursday, April 28, 2011

"Bears" - Live at Tin Can Alehouse

The Salamanders took it to the streets on Sunday, April 17th following opening weekend. Cast, crew, friends, and fans met for drinks/dancing at San Diego's Tin Can Alehouse. The show was booked in an effort to bring SL's actors onto a different kind of stage and raise public awareness/interest in the Baldwin New Play Festival.

Original Cast and Crew

Charlene Baldridge's Review

From Charlene and Brenda in the Blogosphere:

Krista Knight’s Salamander Leviathan (directed by Anthony Luciano)

is a musical fantasy with songs...or is this some kind of concert with a play goin’ on? At any rate, the piece is this year’s winner of the KCACTF (Kennedy Center American College Fund) Musical Theatre Award.

Guitarist Barry Brinegar is credited with song writing and there are indeed some clever lyrics...Music director Brendan Nguyen is on keyboards, and Stuart Field on drums. Halei Parker’s costumes, especially for the women, are a delight throughout.

Salamander Leviathan (appealing Zachary Martens) is the wealthiest man in Wisconsin. His wealth is in the trees on his immense property. But like Faust, Salamander is lonely and wants a wife and family. No sooner said than the black leather-clad Devil (Maurice Williams) appears, red horns and all. The Devil promises Salamander a wife and children in exchange for you-know-what, but this Devil turns out to be the good guy. After all, he was a fallen angel, remember?
Zachary Martens photo by Jim Carmody

Anyway, along comes Gracie (lovely Sarah Halford), the potential mother and wife. She has a past (clue: she looks a bit like Amanda Blake as Kitty in Gunsmoke but she’s not that good-hearted). Gracie she wields a vial of poison, a la the traveling troupe in Hamlet enacting The Murder of Gonzago. This poison only gradually incapacitates Salamander, who finally gets his wish. Jenni Putney and Dan Morin, as Gracie’s evil twin and the villain, play other characters in the story, which is imaginative and funny.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Photos by Manuel Rotenberg


Write-up in The Guardian

baldwin new play festival

Anthony Luciano, the director of the Krista Knight-penned “Salamander Leviathan,” a self-described “casio-pop” style musical about what happens when an optimistic man is confronted with the devil, believes the play will have a life after the Baldwins.
“None of us think this is going to be the last time we do this play together,” he said. “It’s cool to be part of something that you think will move forward.”
“Salamander Leviathan” is like the raucous brother of the bunch. The play is a rock ‘n’ roll musical, with tunes written by Arkansas native Barry Brinegar.
The composer, who also leads the band David’s Pegasus, penned music that director Luciano believes is “loud, fun and really earnest.”
It’s the first musical Luciano has directed, though music has still found a place in his previous work. (A veteran of Shakespearean theatre, the director sneaked live music into his production of “The Tempest.”)
Even though the play sports some familiar traits — the delta-blues score and sell-your-soul-to-the-devil narrative — Luciano says that it also reflects the state of the world today (all with a “super hot” cast).
“The play proposes a question that is really pertinent right now. It feels like the world is a little strange… it feels as if any sort of positive change is impossible,” Luciano said. “I think the play is really surprising because it remains hopeful. But it’s not in any way adolescent or idealistic. It recognizes that change is still possible but it recognizes that it comes at a great cost.”

Salamander Leviathan - Live Songs

Here's all of the songs (except interludes/instrumentals) from Salamander Leviathan, in order of appearance, recorded live at the Baldwin New Place Festival at UCSD's Forum Theatre. These tracks are performed by the original cast, recorded by SL's sound designer Melanie Chen.

Salamander Leviathan Wins KCACTF Musical Theatre Award

The Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival has given Krista Knight's play, Salamander Leviathan, this year's award for musical theatre. Here's a full list of all award categories and nominees.

We Listen For You - Salamander Article

Art/music blog We Listen For You had some nice things to say about SL. Click here for the full article.

"The Pegasus teamed up with fantastic playwright Krista Knight for Salamander Levithan at the Baldwin New Play Festival at UCSD..."

Thanks for the support, Hank!

Salamander Leviathan Trailer