Saturday, February 25, 2012

Salentine's Day-Write-Up

Pataphysical Science: Happy Salentine's Day: On February 13, I celebrated Salentine's Day at Joe's Pub, so named for the musical being performed that night, Salamander Leviathan by Krista Knight and Barry Brinegar. The show debuted at UCSD's Baldwin New Play Festival on April 15th, 2011 and has been performed at other venues since, including Ars Nova for "Saloween."
Salamander Leviathan (Ben Beckley) lives in Black River Falls, Wisconsin in the year 1890. Although he is wealthy, he is the loneliest man in the world, and he makes a deal with the Devil (Stephen Stout), selling his soul in exchange for a wife and child. Gracie (Emily Perkins), who performs an act with her twin sister Vickie (Ali Scaramella), sees Salamander's personal ad and her controlling lover Otto (David Skeist) sends her off to get Salamander's fortune. The story goes in some genuinely surprising directions and is inventively enhanced with old school style video game graphics (by Barry Brinegar).

Director Jess Chayes makes fine use of the smalll stage, considering the large size of the talented cast and band (Barry Brinegar on guitar, Josh Ehrlich on keyboard, James Kraft on drums, Dave Schottland on bass, and Valerie Steinberg and Sara Pauley on vocals). I was especially impressed with the score, described as "casio-pop" music and including elements of vaudeville. A highlight was a cute duet--"I Like U (I Like U More)"--performed by Salamander and the Devil (who, it turns out, is pretty much a sweetheart). Everyone involved in the production is now on my radar, and I look forward to seeing more from them in the future.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

SALENTINE'S DAY - Feb 13th @ Joe's Pub

Monday, Feb 13 @ 7pm
Joe's Pub @ The Public Theater - 425 Lafayette St - NYC

Tickets: $12
To purchase tickets:,com_shows/task,view/Itemid,40/prod_no,17349

Watch the trailer!

Director: Jess Chayes
Producer: Valerie Steinberg
Designer: Ethan Gould
Choreographer: Sara Pauley
Music Director: Josh Ehrlich

Ben Beckley
Emily Perkins
Stephen Stout
Ali Scaramella
Valerie Steinberg
Sara Pauley

Barry Brinegar - Guitar
Josh Ehrlich - Keyboard
James Kraft - Drums
Dave Schottland - Bass

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Salentine's Day Trailer

"Salentine's Day" - Salamander Leviathan in concert at Joe's Pub 02/13/12

Thursday, October 20, 2011

FOUR off-site SALAMANDER/David's Pegasus/Timber! events in NYC:

Join us at these four off-site gigs! They’ll include songs from Salamander Leviathan as well as David’s Pegasus and Timber! originals!

GIG: Goodbye Blue Monday

When: Sunday, Oct 23: 11pm-1am

Where: 1087 Broadway, Bed Stuy

GIG: Sidewalk Café

When: Saturday, Oct 29: Midnight-12:45am

Where: 94 Avenue A, East Village

GIG: Arlene's Grocery

When: Sunday, Oct 30: 9-9:45pm

Where: 95 Stanton Street, LES

Cover: $8


When: Tuesday, Nov 1: 8-11:30pm

Where: 247 Varet Street, Williamsburg

Monday, October 17, 2011


Tickets are on sale now for the ANT FEST performance of SALAMANDER LEVIATHAN @ Ars Nova!


WHEN: HALLOWEEN - Mon, Oct 31st @ 8pm

WHERE: Ars Nova (511 W 54th, NYC)

SALOWEEN TEAM: Ben Beckley, Emily Perkins, Stephen Stout, Dan Morin, Ali Scaramella, Zak Sandler, Stuart Feild, Andrew Fox, Sara Pauley, and Ethan Gould

FREE DRINK: Anyone who comes in full costume will receive a free drink at the bar

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Salamander Leviathan: Ear Invader

Just in time for "Saloween", here's the first video game inspired by the Salamander Leviathan world!

Based on the musical "Salamander Leviathan" by Krista Knight and Barry Brinegar.

The left and right arrows control a dropper full of deadly rose acid. Press the [Z] key to drop some in Sal's ear.  Drop enough doses into your target to proceed to the next stage. Watch out for backsplash, bits of rose acid will burn your murderous hands!

Music by David's Pegasus

Sunday, September 4, 2011

support saloween!

SALAMANDER LEVIATHAN is heading to NYC this Halloween as part of ANT FEST at Ars Nova.

In order to make this happen we are fundraising!

We're raising money to rent rehearsal space, a healthy dose of fake blood, a tiny stipend for our hard working actors and creative team, and a ticket for our composer Barry Brinegar (lead singer of Arkansas-based David's Pegasus) to join us to develop and play the show for this awesome opportunity.

Kickstarter Link:

Contributions start as low as $1 and for $15 it's THE WAY to get the CD.

Thank you! Thank you!